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“ Marking thirty-five years as an ensemble this year, the Cavani Quartet has earned its position as a mainstay of string quartet culture in the United States..., they have not only built an impressive performing career, but have been formative in the education of young chamber musicians.Their approach extends not only to how to interpret works, but how to work together and treat the other member of the group with love and respect. At the center of this ethos of quartet playing, is keeping music at the center of what they do, “not the ego.” Their standards of professionalism in all domains were clearly pronounced, from their interactions with the audience and with each other, to the fineness of performance and forthrightness of interpretations.”





The Art of Collaboration and Interpretation: String Quartet Playing in the 21st Century with guest artist Peter Salaff, a founding member of The Cleveland Quartet [...]

Cavani String Quartet Livestream: Collage, Music & Poetry @ BOP STOP

Presented by the Gertrude W. and William O. Frohring Foundation. Tune in on BOP STOP’s Facebook page at 7pm on 1/21/21 to watch Cavani String Quartet and [...]
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Cavani Residency at Lakewood High School

In the Fall of 2020 the Cavani Quartet and Lakewood High School Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Hankins embarked on a Virtual Residency [...]
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“For me, it is thrilling beyond words to see the continuation of The Cavani Quartet with the addition of Catherine and Kyle. It’s as if the roots of the quartet are coming to fruition, and when I hear them play together I felt that they were lifting up the audience with the beauty of their collaboration. I felt the strength of their individual voices supporting each other in a loving way. The performance brought everyone to a beautiful place. Long live the Cavani Quartet!”
~Peter Salaff, Violinist, Founding member of The Cleveland Quartet



Daniel Hathaway, Cleveland

That the Cavani String Quartet, even in its transitional state, continues to draw a large and devoted following attests to its long and close relationship with the many students the ensemble mentored during its tenure at the Cleveland Institute of Music.

Elizabeth Lyon, Hudson Review

By simply bringing together these connections in such an evocative way, “Collage” taught me to introspect about how I experience and direct emotions, leading me toward possibilities for empathy and human connection in ways I couldn’t have envisioned.





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