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Artist Statement

Pablo Casals said “The greatest respect an artist can give to music is to give it life.”
The Cavani Quartet has dedicated its artistic life to performing at the highest level and to communicating the joy of discovery in the service of some of the most powerful music ever written. We remain profoundly committed to sharing our passion for chamber music with audiences of all ages and walks of life.
The Quartet’s musical career maintains an energetic balance between performing masterpieces by composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Bartók; collaborating with living composers including Joan Tower and Margaret Brouwer; and curating new programs that unite multiple disciplines such as visual art, poetry, and dance.
Our dedication to audience interaction enhances our approach to teaching and mentoring. We find great joy in shaping the musical lives of the next generation through seminars that feature compelling audience engagement and special rehearsal techniques emphasizing team-work.
We see the empathy and connectivity of playing and teaching chamber music as a metaphor for the kind of communication between peoples and nations toward which we should strive. The Cavani Quartet’s fervent hope is to continue as interpreters and performers of this remarkable art form wherever the journey may lead us. We are proud to represent Cleveland as we travel throughout the world.

Winner of numerous accolades, including the prestigious Naumburg Award,
the Cavani Quartet has been described by the Washington Post as
“completely engrossing, powerful and elegant”