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Building Empowered and Collaborative Teams by Applying Principles of Chamber Music Pedagogy

Join the Cavani String Quartet for an ‘Outside the Box’ presentation about creating and maintaining a collaborative and productive rehearsal or work environment. This session will feature masterpieces of music from the 18th through the 20th Centuries, from Mozart to The Beach Boys! The Quartet will offer an interactive presentation using classical music as a tool to discuss topics such as generative team building, the ability to listen and react, how to alternate between leadership and supportive roles, elements of conflict resolution, and group cohesion.

~ Program ~

Musical selections may include:

  • Franz Schubert: String Quartet in D Minor, D. 810
  • Joseph Haydn: String Quartet in B Flat Major, Opus 76 No. 4
  • Wolfgang Mozart: “Eine Kleine Nacht Musik”
  • Charles Washington: “Midnight Child”
  • Claude Debussy: String Quartet in G Minor, Opus 10
  • Beethoven: String Quartet in E Minor, Opus 59 No. 2
  • Béla Bartók: String Quartet No. 2
  • Cold Play: “Viva La Vida”
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