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Chamber Music Rehearsal Techniques - The Art of Collaboration Seminar

For School Age, Collegiate, Conservatory and Adult musicians

The rehearsal process should be joyful, creative and goal oriented, with an aim to make sure all ideas are tried with commitment and vigor. Great advice for maintaining a healthy atmosphere is from our beloved mentor Peter Salaff “ to try every idea as if it was your own” or as we like to call it – the Art of Collaboration.
The Art of Collaboration -Rehearsal Techniques Seminar is valuable and applicable to all ages and levels of chamber music playing, and offers a variety of engaging and effective strategies to solve our most challenging rehearsal issues. Empathy is the guiding force, and each technique is crafted to achieve an equality of individual voices and leadership within the ensemble. The final outcome is to enable an ensemble to work together and share brilliantly crafted, intimately connected and deeply characterful performances with audiences of all ages and all walks of life.
Over the course of more than 35 years of performing and teaching, inspired by our incredible mentors and students, and the ever evolving process of learning more repertoire, the Cavani Quartet has expanded upon basic chamber music rehearsal techniques to bring them to a more organized and comprehensive level and to that end will be publishing a book along with a corresponding website.
The Art of Collaboration Seminar has been presented in person and virtually at major festivals, universities and conservatories across the country, and is about 1.5 hours in length.