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Art of Engagement Seminar - For Conservatory and Collegiate Music Students



What are the opportunities as well as the challenges and what are the priorities in the immediate and longer term for artists, arts policy makers and arts presenters?

The Art of Engagement Seminar was created to make the lives of 21st century emerging artists more visible and viable by reflecting and responding to the communities, towns and cities of which they may be a future part. Inaugurated the Cavani Quartet in 2007, at The Cleveland Institute of Music, The Art of Engagement Seminar serves to inspire and instruct collegiate level musicians in the development of empathetic and communicative chamber music presentations for pre-school, elementary, middle and high school students, as well as audiences of all ages, outside the formal concert hall.

The Cavani Quartet shares their extensive collaborative background and performing experience, inspired by their work with eminent performers, teaching artists and educators from all fields including developmental psychology, and from a variety of nationally recognized organizations such as Chamber Music America, Young Audiences, Inc. and the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center.


Key Learning Objectives

The students will be guided through a series of five interactive sessions, including but not limited to, chamber music coaching, educational program development, public speaking, script writing, presentation and audience interaction.

The mission of these five sessions is to ignite a passion for sharing music in a dynamic, articulate and empathetic way and augment our value as artists in a global community. Outcomes include learning to perform and interact with audiences with expressive and communicative qualities that transcend boundaries of age, gender, race, culture and celebrate the human spirit of self-expression. The Art of Engagement is performing well crafted programming for audiences outside the concert hall and throughout a community to remind us of the inherent complexity and joy of human perception and experience.


Course Outline


Musical selections may include:

Session I: Introduction to Art of Engagement

  • Communication and Connection through music
  • Know your audience
  • How to Create a Theme and Script a Program

Session II: Coaching Session -Brainstorming

  • Interpretation and Connection

Session III: Coaching Session- Brainstorming

  • Interpretation and Connection

Session IV: Putting it all Together – Educational Program Segment Demonstration

  • Audience Engagement Masterclass

Session V: Putting it all Together – Educational Program Segment Demonstration

  • Audience Engagement Masterclass