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Cleveland Classical

Life lessons learned through Chamber Music with the Cavani
During the recently completed academic year, the Lakewood High School Orchestra program and the Cavani String Quartet partnered for the inspired, interdisciplinary Visiting Artist Project.Using chamber music — Shostakovich’s Quartet No. 8 and Daniel Bernard Roumain’s Kompa Variations — as a catalyst for expression and team-building, the Project also provided an opportunity to talk in general about the impact of the pandemic on high school age students.

Cleveland Classical

Cavani’s “Beyond Beethoven” Finale at Severance Music Center (Dec. 14)
The occasion was a grand finale concert on Tuesday, December 14 at Severance that marked the completion of a wide-ranging collaboration between Cavani and area high school string programs. Since September, the project also produced two world premieres and included the Cavani’s performance of all sixteen of the Beethoven quartets — interleaved with works by contemporary composers — in eight concerts around the area. It was definitely time for a party.

Cleveland Classical

ENCORE Chamber Music Institute: The Cavani String Quartet (June 20)

In her pre-concert introduction, ENCORE artistic director Jinjoo Cho praised the Cavani String Quartet for their tradition of music-making that is rooted in friendship, selflessness, and a strong sense of community.These principles were in full effect in the June 20th Sparked by Rosa concert, where the quartet’s synergy and graceful musical dialogue helped them to move effortlessly through a wide variety of musical styles.

Cleveland Classical

A refreshing reminder of both the unique powers and deeper kinships of music and poetry, the performance of Collage on October 14 filled the Auditorium of Pilgrim Church with sounds both tranquil and mighty. In an era when rhyming rhythmic recitation over instrumental sound hardly constitutes a new idea — hip-hop, after all, is the ascendant popular genre of the present century — Okantah and the Cavani have engineered something unique, brilliant, and vital.

Cleveland Classical

That the Cavani String Quartet, even in its transitional state, continues to draw a large and devoted following attests to its long and close relationship with the many students the ensemble mentored during its tenure at the Cleveland Institute of Music.

Hudson Review

“By simply bringing together these connections in such an evocative way, “Collage” taught me to introspect about how I experience and direct emotions, leading me toward possibilities for empathy and human connection in ways I couldn’t have envisioned.”
Elizabeth Lyon, Hudson Review,  Summer 2018

Cleveland Classical

Oberlin String Quartet Intensive & Festival — The Cavani Quartet in Kulas Hall

Why is it that we so often take for granted the musical greatness that exists in our own town? Case in point: the Cavani Quartet.

The Columbus Dispatch

Cavani String Quartet: Deep, creative program keeps audience riveted.

The Strad

A new generation of players recognizing spiritual and colouristic potentialities once practiced by bygone exponents… passionate and interesting… an accomplished example of craftmanship and wonderfully communicative.

The Los Angeles Times

Rarely has the work (Shostakovich’s Quartet No. 1) sounded so light, sweet, and classically proportioned as it did in the hands of the Cavanis… their playing was superb.

The New York Times

…warmly lyrical… a monolithic performance…

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Cavani played with brilliance and technical expertise… one seamless, superb ensemble performance. The Cavani held the audience spellbound.

Musical America

…It has been some time since I have heard such lovely, unforced, gentle but truly assured phrasing; such genuinely spontaneous, unconvtrived cantabile. This kind of intimacy is what real chamber music is all about.

The Salt Lake Tribune

The fiery Cavani String Quartet moved, breathed and sighed as one… tonal blend and stylistic unity were impeccable. Onstage, they were a formidable presence.

Penninsula Reviews

The Mozart Society presented last night at All Saints Church in Carmel, the Cavani String Quartet. It was a stunning concert! These fine young players, violinists Annie Fullard and Mari Sato, violist Kirsten Docter and cellist Merry Peckham, each one a highly skilled virtuoso, played together with a magnificent blending of the three P’s — precision, passion and polish.

San Antonio Express-News

The troupe played fearlessly in rarefied works from the summit of the repertoire, by Mozart, Bartok and Beethoven. And if one fugue is great, four must be greater – a veritable “fugue fiesta” as violinist Annie Fullard told the audience in Temple Beth-El.

New Music Box

You might say the Cleveland-based Cavani Quartet is on track to be the next Kronos Quartet. Further evidence that the Cavanis are super cool…

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Together, these players make music with passionate conviction, as if their lives depended on interaction. Expressive intensity, shapely phrasing and ultra-sensitive attention to nuances have become Cavani hallmarks. …this powerful and poetic performance was an example of the special joy musicians exude when minds and instruments connect on the highest level.

Aural States

The Cavani String Quartet is a rare all-female ensemble. Going strong for 25 years, they don’t overwork the red evening gowns or blow-dried curls. Instead, they dart bows with accuracy and elegance…


From Roger Klein, Rabbi at The Temple Tifereth Israel

I still have the Haydn and Mozart ringing in my ears from yesterday’s wonderful afternoon of music and conversation.  The four of you bring something very rare to your audiences: aside from your extraordinary musicianship, the enthusiasm, sense of humor, insight and passion that you all possess, plus your rare ability to communicate with the audience on a number of levels, make your presentations memorable experiences.  And I love that each of you had a chance to speak, thereby enriching the afternoon with your distinctive personalities.  I sure do hope that we can make this an annual event at The Temple.

At your convenience, will you please send me the name and author of the book you had with you yesterday … the one with the word “jest” in the title.  And I noticed a couple of other books on the floor; can you send me info on them too.

Once again, thanks so much for your commitment to, and your passion for, the wonderful world of music that you open up for us.  And please thank Mari, Merry and Kirsten for me, as well.


Roger Klein, Rabbi Temple -Tifereth Israel
Beachwood ,Ohio

From Peter Salaff, Director of String Chamber Music at The Cleveland Institute of Music, and former member of The Cleveland Quartet

“As ambassadors for classical music in our community, the Cavani Quartet, is second to none.  The Quartet, as individuals or together, are wonderful teachers, artists and performers. They are outstanding human beings — are extremely supportive colleagues and are great role models for their students.  They are so passionate about music and what it can bring to people of any age or background. As teachers and performers, I have found that they practice what they preach. The way they engage young audiences through fun and exciting games, bringing the composers and music to life— makes their programming totally accessible on all levels.”

What Case Western Reserve University MBA and EMBA students say about Cavani Team Management Semiar:

“Bringing together years of work, talent, mentorship, and passion for music, the Cavani String Quartet embodies the power of collaboration and what can happen when teams appreciate and listen to each other. Bringing their individual talents together and building from everyone’s unique strengths creates something incredibly powerful, which simply could not be done alone.”

“Great experience! It was my second time sitting somewhere so close to a string quartet.  However, unlike the first time, this time, it is more about learning the form of team working skills and strategy rather than just simply appreciating the music. With that being said, the performance was phenomenal, which showed us what a great result a great team can deliver! Two important things I’ve learned from them. First, being a good team player you need to be willing to make compromises! It resonates with me the most, as a lot of times it is also my strategy to avoid conflicts in the team. Second, just like music instruments have different tones and play different roles in a harmonious quartet. A good team is also built on an open, honest and diverse environment, where everyone’s voice can be heard and respected.”

“For me, it is thrilling beyond words to see the continuation of The Cavani Quartet with the addition of Catherine and Kyle. It’s as if the roots of the quartet are coming to fruition, and when I hear them play together I felt that they were lifting up the audience with the beauty of their collaboration. I felt the strength of their individual voices supporting each other in a loving way. The performance brought everyone to a beautiful place. Long live the Cavani Quartet!”

~Peter Salaff, Violinist, Founding member of The Cleveland Quartet