Fall 2021 Cavani Quartet launches innovative Concert Series

In partnership with some of Cleveland’s most respected organizations, we wish to celebrate the emotional refuge and joyful musical revolution of the Beethoven quartets, by combining forces with some of our most compelling living composers. At the heart of this endeavor, is our mission to share all of these true and masterful works with an audience of school age students who will then join us in a culminating performance on Beethoven’s birthday.

We believe this project illuminates the power of music and art to transcend boundaries and barriers, to offer an artistic sanctuary where equity of voices and diversity of ideas is celebrated. We believe this project fulfills Beethoven’s own wish for a better world and a way to reach, affect and ignite future generations through music.

“No composer has expressed humanity’s deepest emotional states as profoundly as Beethoven. Generations have found in his music the noblest and purest expression of universally shared human values such as Love, Joy, Peace, and Nobility of Character. There is also despair and anger, even rage, but never hate; not a cynical or bitter note. Pain and suffering (which he knew better than most) are beautifully expressed to us as a necessary part of the synthesis of life. “ ~Cellist, Paul Katz, from the Cleveland Quartet’s first recording of the complete Beethoven quartets.