Cavani String Quartet, 11:17am by Jennifer Cho Salaff

Music is the universal language of [wo]mankind.

It was a wonderful treat to sit in on a recent rehearsal with the Cavani String Quartet. How did I get so lucky to watch magic happen right before my eyes? This powerhouse foursome (Annie Fullard and Mari Sato on violins, Kirsten Docter on viola, and Merry Peckham on cello) has been making music together for more than two decades.

Appointed Quartet in Residence at the Cleveland Institute of Music in 1988, their performances have taken them around the world from Carnegie Hall to Festival de L’Epau in France. But perhaps my favorite thing about these women (besides their warm, ebullient personalities) is their civic mindedness.

“We need to make the arts and music education part of the core curriculum in ALL schools,” says Annie Fullard. “Art changes lives, saves lives and make us live up to our humanity.”

Now that’s music to my ears.

Who: Cavani String Quartet
Where: Cleveland Institute of Music
What: Rehearsal for upcoming concert @ Music at Kohl Mansion
Best thing about rehearsing: “[After all these years together] the best thing and also most challenging is the music!” says Fullard. “The creative process and joy of discovery. And the understanding that we must communicate with each other in a compassionate and inspiring way.”

by Jennifer Cho Salaff

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