The Cavani Quartet in Erie’s Public Schools

Article from the MUSIC AT NOON NOTES

With the support of a generous grant from Erie Arts & Culture, the Cavani String Quartet is spending this week in Erie presenting educational outreach programs in the School District of the City of Erie. It’s been a whirlwind!

On Tuesday, the group visited Diehl Elementary in the morning, then spent the afternoon meeting with fourth grade students at Joanna Connell Elementary School. They shared music ranging from the giants of the classical era to the giants of today’s popular music.

Visits to Harding and Grover Cleveland fourth graders made for a full Wednesday. Today, the group will begin the day with students in the seventh grade at Strong Vincent Middle School. A program for East Middle School’s seventh graders in scheduled for this afternoon.

The members of Cavani met with the seventh grade students at Wilson Middle School. They’ll close the week’s residency with an educational concert for the student body at Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy.

An important part of our mission at The Logan Series is sharing chamber music with young audiences. We’re fortunate to have great ambassadors in the Cavani Quartet and we extend our sincere thanks to them and to Erie Arts & Culture for supporting our mission by providing this opportunity. We’d also like to thank the Erie School District for opening their doors to us so that their students could be a part of this amazing experience.

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