Cavani Residency at Lakewood High School

In the Fall of 2020 the Cavani Quartet and Lakewood High School Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Hankins embarked on a Virtual Residency project. With chamber music as a catalyst for expression and connection, repertoire was chosen that we thought would be meaningful for the students: Shostakovich Quartet String No. 8 and Daniel Bernard Roumain’s Kompa Variations.

The intention behind repertoire choices was to respond to the challenges that we are facing during this difficult year. Many high school age students who are isolated from their mentors, friends, and peers, have been struggling to find connection and reassurance. Music and art have a singular ability to express the experience of a time and place. Through music, we hope that students relate to the emotional qualities in the music and to the personal stories of these two composers who each reflect the events that surround them. The music provides a meeting place to discuss and make sense of the pandemic, as well as urgent social justice issues.

Cavani Quartet members have been meeting online with each section of the LHS Chamber Orchestra three days a week at 8:00am. The process of learning the music together has been life-affirming for both the Quartet and the students.

“The Cavani members share a love of music that permeates every aspect of their teaching and playing that energizes the students to challenge themselves musically. Exposing my students to such a high level of musicianship through the Cavani residency has enriched their musical education and positively impacted them and the program forever.”

Dr. Elizabeth Hankins , Director of Orchestral Programs Lakewood High School Lakewood, Ohio

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