Letter From Mari

Dear Friends,

After 24 years of inspired and meaningful collaboration with my colleagues in the Cavani String Quartet, I am stepping down from the second violin position to start a new chapter in my life. The Cavani Quartet remains my musical family and all is well amongst us. I am grateful for the beautiful memories of studying and performing a diverse repertoire, but especially the Beethoven and Bartók quartets. Those experiences shaped me in fundamental ways. I am proud of the countless outreach performances we gave to young audiences around the country introducing them to the love of chamber music. The “Collage” program of poetry and music with Mwatabu Okantah was unique and moved me every single time we presented it. Team coaching with Peter Salaff at the Cleveland Institute of Music was a gift that I will always treasure.

I feel joy and peace knowing that Catherine Cosbey will step in as the new second violinist. I have admired Catherine as a musician and person since I met her more than 10 years ago in Cleveland. We have worked together, and she is a perfect fit for the quartet. She possesses the warmth, curiosity, passion, and sense of humor that I associate with the Cavani Quartet. I am happy also that Kyle Price will be joining as the new cellist in the group. I have known him for more than 20 years and it is fitting that he studied with founding member, Merry Peckham. Another beautiful connection.

The chamber music world is small, and I love that we are all in it together. I continue to enthusiastically support Annie, Eric, Catherine, and Kyle and know that you will do the same. I am excited about the next chapter for the Cavani String Quartet.

With affection,


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