Cavani String Quartet celebrates 30 years as Artists – in Residence at The Cleveland Institute of Music 1988-2018

As we reflect on our 30 years of service to The Cleveland Institute of Music we wish to humbly thank our superlative students, our beloved faculty colleagues, especially our mentor Peter Salaff, and all of the incredible guest artists which became our musical family throughout these marvelous decades. Our educational mission placed an emphasis on performance and transformation through connection and communication, which stands as the legacy of Cavani/Salaff chamber music program at CIM.

In 1988, President David Cerone invited us to join the faculty as Quartet -in Residence and within our first decade we established and maintained many of the following programs, a majority of which continued to thrive and grow until our departure this summer. The following is a list of the programs inaugurated, administrated and lovingly curated by members of the Cavani Quartet ( Annie Fullard, Susan Waterbury, Mari Sato, Erika Eckert, Kirsten Docter, Eric Wong, Merry Peckham) throughout our time on the faculty.

  • Concert Series Initiatives and Programming including highlights:
    Beethoven and Brotherhood/ Beethoven Cycle
    Collage; Music and Poetry
    Music and Mentorship, partnership with local schools
    Bartok Cycle- The Influence of Folk Music Elliot Antokoletz, lecturer
    Confluence: A celebration of Women in Music
    Bach’s Birthday Bash with Sergei Babyan
    The Magic of Mozart, with Jeanette Sorell, Guest Artist
  • The Intensive Quartet Seminar
  • The Winter Chamber Music Festival
  • Chamberfest- adult amateur weekend festival
  • The New Quartet Program ( a contemporary music competition for young composers in collaboration with The Cleveland Museum of Art)
  • Residency at The Cleveland School of the Arts
  • The Apprentice Quartet Program
  • Temple Tefereth Concert and Conversation – with Rabbi Rodger Klein
  • The Art of Engagement: Leadership in the Arts
  • The Art of Collaboration: Chamber Music Rehearsal Techniques and Strategies
    Managing, arranging and team coaching an average of 60-80 Ensembles per year enrolled in Piano and String Chamber Music
  • Young Artist Program Chamber Music
    Directing, coaching and administrating (Annie) YAP Performance and Analysis Seminar
  • Preparatory Chamber Music- Friday Night Chamber Music Program
  • K-12 Educational Programs on behalf of CIM for more than 60,000 children in Northeast Ohio
  • Established Cavani Travel and Master Class Assistance Endowed Fund 2012
  • Guest Host and Direct Womens Committee Events and Programs
  • Guest Speakers and Performers for Annual Meeting, Board of Trustee Meetings
  • Prepare CIM ensembles for all Community Engagement or Fund Raising
  • Quartet -in Residence Endowment Fund Established by Richard Bogomolny in 1992
  • Helped fund raise more than $500,000 during our 30 years as Artists-In -Residence

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